I've got a USB flash drive I want to use on printers, audio equipment, and other various devices.

In my experience, most Linux is very forgiving about what partition table and FS type I use on my flash drives, but other non-linux devices aren't so nice in that regard and my flash drive is usually rejected by these things.

I realize it won't be supported by everything, but I want this flash drive to be as close as possible to factory settings as I can get.

  • What partition table is usually set on USB flash drives out of the box?
  • What FS type usually is set on USB flash drives out of the box?
  1. I've only seen msdos partition tables (MBR) on new flash drives.
  2. It's usually FAT32. But you can only store files up to 4GB in size on this fs type. I would go for NTFS or exFAT instead, but this depends on the compatibility of your devices.

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