Our cluster runs Linux, and I can successfully ssh login to it using my windows 10 PC. However, when I'm trying to use X11 forwarding I always get the error:

qt.qpa.screen: QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display localhost:0.0
Could not connect to any X display

I've tried everything: using Xterminal, PuTTY, Ubuntu (from the windows 10 store), MobaXterm - and nothing works. I've tried the export display command, and when I'm logging in I'm using -X (also tried -Y). I read online but couldn't find anything to work. Also, my colleague has a personal Macbook with the same user properties, and she managed to do X11 using XQuartz.

Any ideas what can I try?


When you connect to the Linux cluster with X11 forwarding, you allow X clients running on the cluster to contact your X server on your Windows 10 PC.

To make this work, you need to run an X server in the first place - and as Windows isn't Linux, no X server runs by default.

XQuartz is an X server for MacOS. Options for an X server for Windows are e.g. VcXsrv and Xming (not sure if it'll work on Windows 10) and the Cygwin X server. Possibly there are more.

And given the development of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), maybe there'll even be a native Microsoft X server at sometime in the future.

  • Yes I know that - I'm running Xerver on my windows machine (MobaXterm runs X server too). Xming is running in the background too but still, it doesn't work. – ValientProcess Jun 3 at 17:09

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