My systemd service file is in the name of os.service and has the following line of configuration.

#  This systemd service file will help supervise os service
Description=Os Server
After= network.target


# Preferably configure a non-privileged user
# User=deploy
# Group=deploy

# Environment variables shared across the config
#EnvironmentFile=  # environment file to be used, includes RACK_ENV

# Specify the path to your test application root
# WorkingDirectory=/home/deploy/test/

# Start/Reload/Stop syntax

# TimeoutSec=15
# TimeoutStopSec=10

# Restart os, always if it dies for some reason


In server when I disconnect my ssh connection then service dies and results in 502 Bad Gateway. I have to ssh and run systemctl --user start os.service to start and make it work. Again once i close my terminal then os.service dies again.


You’re running the service from your user manager (--user), and apparently your logind doesn’t have lingering enabled for you. As a result, your session (including any services started inside it) is closed down whenever you log out.

To change this behaviour, you need to enable lingering:

sudo loginctl enable-linger $USER

This will start a user manager for you at boot and allow your services to survive your login sessions.

A better approach for a system service such as this is really to run it as its own user, managed by the main systemd instance.

  • Thanks. That solved!!!!. I used command loginctl enable-linger $USER and close my ssh connection server and systemd service is running fine.
    – NinjaMAN
    Jun 17 '19 at 5:24

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