How to install this program?


I have problem by the first step.

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    Have you seen this phoebe-project.org/install? – Tomasz Jun 2 at 13:36
  • I tried to install PHOEBE 1. There are instructions in zip file, but I don't understand the error on the picture. – Lukáš Altman Jun 2 at 13:38
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    First of all, please don't post images of text. Second, can you create files at that location? – Tomasz Jun 2 at 13:44
  • What files? I am sorry, I am biginner. – Lukáš Altman Jun 2 at 13:47
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    Any files. The problem is the compiler can't create executables. Can it create anything? Probably if you move or copy the phoebe1-master to another location, and go on from there, say your /home directory, then it should be ok. – Tomasz Jun 2 at 13:49

build-essential and gfortran were missing.

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