I have got a section of shell script which was working earlier but now it is giving some different results:


 while  true
    getchar =

   case $answer in
       1) export_Config_tables;;
       2) export_config_tables_file;;
       3) export_Accounts_tables;;
       4) export_both_tables;;
       5) load_config_tables;;
       6) load_config_tables_file;;
      x|X) break;;
    q|Q) break;;
    d|D) toggle_debug;;
         *) badchoice;;


the menu function:

themenu () {
echo `date `
echo " summit Data Extract utility   (SOPRA v1.1)"
 echo  "1.  Extract summit configuration data only"    
 echo  "2.  Extract summit config data in flat files only"
 echo  "3.  Extract summit account data only"
 echo  "4.  Extract all data "
 echo  "5.  Load summit configuration data from Dump"    
 echo  "6.  Load summit config data from flat files only"
 echo  "x.  Exit"
 echo $MSG
 echo "Select option : ";

the getchar function:

getchar (){
        stty raw
    answer=`dd bs=1 count=1 2> /dev/null `
    stty -raw

the bad choice function:

badchoice () {
 MSG="Invalid menu choice"

After executing the script, it displays the menu

<System date>

summit Data Extract utility   (SOPRA v1.1)

1.  Extract summit configuration data only    
 2.  Extract summit config data in flat files only
 3.  Extract summit account data only
 4.  Extract all data 
 5.  Load summit configuration data from Dump
 6.  Load summit config data from flat files only

 x.  Exit

 Select option : 

User inputs 5, but it doesn't display on the screen and after pressing Enter 2-3 times, it displays the message:

Invalid menu choice.

I am unable to figure out where it is causing problem. The menu function executes fine, it causes problem when it enters getchar() function and the case statement.

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    Hi Biswajeet. Is there a reason to use the getchar function instead of just the read builtin? Make sure you have some spaces where they need to be. "getchar () {" and comment out the function separators "#------- the getchar function ----". – kevlinux Jun 2 at 7:50

Didn't work for me as written, presumably because

answer=`dd bs=1 count=1 2> /dev/null `

doesn't execute the command and set answer to the return value of dd but rather assigns the string (dd bs=1 count=1) to the variable answer.

Editing to give the expansion

answer=$(dd bs=1 count=1 2> /dev/null)

worked fine

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