Actually I did connect both ppp0 and ppp1 using nm-connection-editor(network connection setting).

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But now I wish to make a balance-rr(mode 0), and thought that bonding would do that for me. I need to know if its possible, because when I'm searching, I only see people bonding Ethernet interfaces.

When I tried to use bond using nm-connection-editor.

enter image description here

enter image description here

When i click Add button

enter image description here

There is no option to add mobile broadband interfaces inside.

Is bonding capable of dealing with ppp0 and ppp1 mobile broadband 4g dongles? How?

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    You can't, unless your ISP supports this configuration. Bonding is a Layer 2 concept. – vidarlo Jun 1 at 11:50

As my comment implied, you can't bond such connections.

Bonding is a layer 2 concept, ideally invisible to the higher layers. This means that packets addressed to your IP may appear at both interfaces, scheduled by the device sending the frames to you.

However, with your connection to the ISP you have two different L3 devices, which have different IP's and may even be in different subnets.

To do bonding, the other end has to support it as well. Your ISP needs to explicitly configure it.

What you can do is load balancing at the L3 level. This basically means configuring two equal routes, but it may produce strange results as IP's may change suddenly. It's better to send different types of traffic via different routes, or route based on source.

  • There are also third-party tunnel services which can aggregate multiple connections, e.g. OverTheBox. The ones I know of are rather expensive for individuals. – Stephen Kitt Jun 1 at 14:25
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    Yes, that's definitively a possibility. There's many things one can do, but bonding is not one of them. – vidarlo Jun 1 at 14:58
  • Oh, yes, I’m not disagreeing with you! – Stephen Kitt Jun 1 at 15:10
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    Then you should probably look into a load balancing tunnel solution as described by @StephenKitt, or a round-robin routing solution (e.g. every n outgoing connection is routed device n, etc) – vidarlo Jun 1 at 18:58
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    @Thoht and please add information explaining what the question is about and what you are actually trying to do (your X in the XY problem is "we want to increase throughput", your Y is "we need to to bonding") to the question by editing it. Comments are not guaranteed to stick around. – dirkt Jun 2 at 4:01

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