I installed Ubuntu, Pop_OS, Manjaro, Neon, and Deepin, to my desktop PC (specs at bottom). My internet speed was very slow, basically unusable.

Windows gives a normal 15 Mb down and 10 Mb up, but when I'm in Linux the download drops to 40 b down.

I've tried disabling IPv6 and setting the DNS to with no success. I'm guessing that it is something related to my hardware maybe? Because I have Manjaro installed on my laptop and the speeds are normal.

I had Arch installed on my PC some time ago (2/3 months) and back then I didn't have these issues.

PC specs:

  • Try to take tcpdump or/and run download command with strace, also check if any firewall enabled or any issue with network interface. – asktyagi Jun 1 at 3:41
  • According to your link you have an RTL 8111E ethernet adapter. Just a guess, but maybe you're using the wrong driver r8169 instead of r8168 as described here? Which module is listed if you run lsmod | grep r816? – Freddy Jun 1 at 23:17

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