I have a Windows 10 PC with a public share set up, and want to be able to access files on the share without providing a username and password to connect.

Other Windows PCs can access it using ⁠//ServerName/Public without giving a username or a password – they have full r/w access. Also, many Android devices (Nokia 8, Samsung 8, Samsung Tab A) have no problem gaining r/w access to the share without giving a username or password – using, e.g., ES File Explorer.

I have tried various parameters to mount and mount.cifs without success. The permutations are endless and there is no guiding philosophy. Has anyone done this successfully?

Note that Ubuntu is the client, not the server.

  • I understand you want to achieve something. What exactly. Give and example. Explain the restrictions. – Dudi Boy May 31 at 20:13
  • As the title says, I want to access a W10 Public share r/w from Ubuntu without entering a username or password. This was to be a 'small' stepping stone towards setting up a development environment... it is turning into a major project! – Koorb Notsyor May 31 at 20:49
  • Very nice project, you accomplished your goal with samba. linuxandubuntu.com/home/… What are the restrictions/requirement? – Dudi Boy May 31 at 20:57
  • Hello Koorb Notsyor. It seems you're trying to use two different accounts, which is why your edit got pushed into the review queue for approval. I'd recommend you merge them. – roaima May 31 at 21:59

Try this:

sudo mount -t cifs //ServerName/Public /mnt --verbose -o vers=3.0,domain=ServerName,username=guest,guest,file_mode=0666,dir_mode=0777

Because of the --verbose option, it might produce a lot of messages regardless of whether it is successful or not, but if it fails, please copy & paste those messages into your original question to enable further troubleshooting.

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