I am using Manjaro Gnome and I have a secondary monitor.

There is an option on settings that dim screen and black screen after a specific time and I want to do this for only 1 monitor. For example, when I am watching movie on my secondary monitor, I want that my primary screen is blacked after a specific period.

Is this possible?


ArandR is a good gui tool for this.

If you want to use terminal commands, xrandr is the tool for you:

  • List names and properties of connected outputs with: xrandr --current

  • Turn off output: xrandr --output <display-name> --off

  • Turn output back on with: xrandr --output <display-name> --auto

These are just a few basic commands, xrandr has a wealth of different options you could use to get a similar effect.

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  • Thanks a lot mate. I will definitely research on this. – capt_coder May 31 '19 at 0:48

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