Trying to find any Network Manager on the "apt" databases that works in the terminal. I usually use "NetworkManager-tui" but I can not find it.

Do anyone have a suggestion on good alternatives for WiFi management on Debian 9?


NetworkManager-tui presents in network-manager package as nmtui utility. You can use nmcli utility which is a part of the network-manager package too and provides CLI interface instead of ncurses. But ncurses interface is more friendly for beginers.

Ensure that NetworkManager service is started before using NetworkManager utilities:

systemctl status NetworkManager

If it will be stopped try it to start:

systemctl start NetworkManager

The network-manager package provide :


nmtui - Text User Interface for controlling NetworkManager


nmcli - command-line tool for controlling NetworkManager



wpa_cli - WPA command line client

Arch-linux wiki: connecting with wpa_cli


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