I wonder if the following case is possible in Unix using the diff function.

Let's say that I have one line

1234 1 2

and one file containing

1234 2 3

1234 represents the pid, 2 the disk usage and 3 the cpu usage for example. Is it possible, using the diff function, to 'merge' my line with the line in the file, and to apply a sum function on the fly to have the following final output? (pid being the merge key)

1234 3 5

(3 being the sum of 1 and 2, 5 being the sum of 2 and 3)


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no, diff cannot do arithmetic calculations, use awk as following:

awk '{ grouping_disks[$1]+=$2; grouping_cpus[$1]+=$3 }
    for(indx in grouping_disks)
        print indx, grouping_disks[indx], grouping_cpus[indx]
}' file1 file2 fileN

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