As the command NUMBER=$((${NEW_COUNT}-${OLD_COUNT})) in a shell script did work in Linux system but not work in UNIX system, how can I make a new command work the same as the above command in UNIX system?

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    What shell are you using in this "UNIX" system? – muru May 30 at 1:03
  • Type echo $0 to determine your current shell on Unix. – unxnut May 30 at 1:29
  • What Unix is the other Unix system and what shell are you using there? You have tagged your question with historical-unix, which indicates a very old implementation, i.e. not a recent version of something like AIX or Solaris. – Kusalananda May 30 at 7:21

Try the expr util:

NUMBER=`expr "${NEW_COUNT}" - "{$OLD_COUNT}"`

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