I want to install a locally downloaded .rpm file and any other dependencies that would be required while running this install, automatically.

The question is very specific to locally downloaded, so please do not suggest running yum-downloader for a known package name. Nothing is known. I discovered a nice .rpm, downloaded it, and now want to install it.

Detailed example:

My system already has polycoreutils-python-2.5-11. If I install using yum, this is the highest version I get. However, I got a locally downloaded upgrade file which is even higher version polycoreutils-python-2.5-24 ... .rpm

When I try to install this, of course, it complains about new missing deps, namely, polycore-utils and setools-lib. I have them installed too, but older versions. So I can go download the needed new .rpm files.

But I can't repeat this process for as many dependencies discovered step by step. What's the best way to install a locally downloaded package, and it's required dependencies.

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