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How to grep everything under "NAME" and remove else?



command | cut -d' ' -f1 | tail -n+2
# or if delimiter is tab
command | cut -f1 | tail -n+2

# or
command | awk 'NR>1{print $1}'

# or
command | csvcut -d' ' -c NAME | tail -n+2
# or if delimiter is tab
command | csvcut -t -c NAME | tail -n+2

As you mention grep, you could also use

command | grep -o '^[^[:blank:]]*' | tail -n+2

But I'd prefer one of the above as it is way more difficult to read.
The cut solution has the best performance, csvcut by far the worst.

  • Nice simple solution! Marked as correct! – niqo May 31 at 12:08

Consider outputting only the desired data to begin with:

kubectl get pods --no-headers=true -o custom-columns=":metadata.name"


kubectl get pods --no-headers=true -o name

(Pulled from this Stack Overflow thread and the kubectl overview)

  • Good solution, but since I asked for grep I did'nt make as correct, but great command still! – niqo May 31 at 12:08

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