When I curiously selected to "create a new partition table" and the new type of it is GPT, GParted poped a warning message that "I may loss all...", but I still clicked yes, as I thought all the operations on the disk would be listed in a window and waited for my confirm.

But no, the creation just started imediatly, all my data and partition got lost now, how to recover the lost data and partitions after the conversion is finished?

  • A common disk rescue tools would be ddrescue, photorec or testdisk. You will need a drive to which the recovery can go, might not be able to recover all data and might loose filenames. On the other hand you could try to go back to MBR and run an MBR recovery tool - allowing you to skip the longish data rescue. Best is then to copy the whole drive and thus avoid a few dangers. – Fiximan May 29 at 12:29

Try testdisk.

It successfully recovered the original partition schema and data for me when I selected the wrong device and applied the changes. Recovery of the schema and entire filesystem succeeded in moments and without copying to a new destination.

Guide is here

  • After recovery by 'testdisk' what type of partition table is? – Dona May 29 at 15:44
  • For me, testdisk detected the original partition type (I had overwritten GPT with FAT) and gave me the option to recover the original. – bu5hman May 29 at 17:40
  • Best advice is, if you have a spare HDD then dd an image before going any further. At least you have a 'restore point' if it all goes wring. – bu5hman May 29 at 17:43
  • Yeah testdisk saves me! It gives me confident to convert my DOS disk to GPT with sensive data. – Dona Jun 10 at 4:09

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