Very often I see gdb takes a long time to load large debug binary and I understand that if I put gdb-index section into binary, it should help reduce initial load time when binary is loaded into gdb. I did same and added gdb_index information in my binary using gdb-add-index command

$ gdb-add-index <binary>

and I checked it to see that gdb_index section actually gets added

$ readelf -S <binary>

 [42] .gdb_index        PROGBITS         0000000000000000  4151d2d4
   0000000005981e8a  0000000000000000           0     0     1

But, when I run my binary in gdb, I'm not sure if there is any impact and when I check index-cache stats, it always shows 'Cache misses'. Am I missing something here? How do I make sure that gdb is actually caching debug symbol information and gdb load time is not much even for large binaries.

(gdb) show index-cache 
directory:  The directory of the index cache is "/<dir>/.cache/gdb".

Cache hits (this session): 0
Cache misses (this session): 2

The index cache is currently enabled.

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