I have this code that makes substitutions in a file segment. The code should be left mostly unharmed except for this problem. I need to return back to bash,

  1. the number of replacements made by perl
  2. and the new string
  3. In an array of 2 elements (string, integer).

The problem I am facing is that if I wanted to return 2 numbers, or 2 words, then my code is fine.

But in this case, (with a multiline string in an array), when read in bash, it splits up into each constituent lines, and then it sticks the number as the last member of the array. Weird?


# parameter=10

            arrayRet=$( perl -le '
                    $C+=s/$ARGV[1]/$1$ARGV[2]/g for @lines; 
                    $S=join "\n", @lines; 
                    @array =($S,$C);
                    print @array;
                    ' "$filesection" ".*parameter.*" "replaced") 

                    #arrayRet=( "$arrayRet" )

echo "0=<${arrayRet[0]}> 1=<${arrayRet[1]}> 2=<${arrayRet[2]}> "    

Expected output:


    > 1=<3> 2=<>

PS. extra line breaks are intentional. extra echos are intentional.

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