I've got a file, that contains about 20k strings. Each string in that file should be an argument for a command within bash script.

At first my script generates a file with this strings.

find /home/alotoffolders -type f -name  "*.mp4" | grep some_greps > ~/tests/find_smth

After that trying to set a variable, that will be a part of argument

filename=$(cut -d/ -f11 ~/tests/find_smth)

Then I'm trying to read all file line by line and use every string as an input argument (seems like it works), but for output - there is some issue.

  for i in `cat ~/tests/find_smth`; do ./other_script -input $i -output /home/folder1/folder2/$filename; done

Script can't see the static path before $filename.

Where is the problem?

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  • NEVER use for i in $(cat ...) ... or similar. It loops over words, not lines. And even if it would, filenames are allowed to contain newlines.
  • Use shell parameter expansion or basename command instead of cut to get the file name.
  • Instead of using grep on the results of find, you might use e.g. find's -regex or -iregex option.

Use find -exec with sh -c:

find /home/alotoffolders -type f -iregex 'some_pattern.mp4' \
  -exec sh -c '
    /path/to/other_script -input "$1" -output "/home/folder1/folder2/${1##*/}"
  ' find-sh {} \;

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