Endless OS is a linux-debian distribution that runs on the Endless Mini computer.

I found out about Endless form this itsfoss

See this wikipedia.

I'm trying to find a small PC that runs a nix OS and Node.

I'm not sure what is required of Node to run how to verify that their Endless Mini / Endless OS can run it.

I did try to contact Endless with no response.

I did find this wikipedia line a bit hmmm ...

Unlike most Linux distributions, it uses a read-only root filesystem managed by OSTree and Flatpak for application delivery and update.

Can someone make an EndlessOS tag, I don't have the rep yet?


I got a response from their customer support and they are telling me that they can run Node but it has to use something called Podman.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea and that I will get the full power of Node.js.


Sure you can run Node.js on EndlessOS easily.

Flathub is a repository using Flatpak.

From this repository you can install Podman and using Podman you can install Node.js

As a bonus because you are using a container. It will be easy to deploy to multiple platforms.



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