I would like to route all traffic for mycompany.com through my wifi interface (wlp7s0) and use my ethernet interface (eno1) for all other traffic. My ethernet adapter is much faster and I would prefer to use that for most of my network traffic. However, in order to access certain work resources I need to route traffic through the wifi interface.

Is this possible on Fedora 30?

  • Assuming mycompany.com has fixed public IP addresses, just add the necessary routes with ip route add .... There are various way to make that setup permanent depending on what kind of networking you use (systemd? Classic ifup/ifdown? Etc.). – dirkt May 28 at 2:48
  • I need to route multiple sub domains through my wifi adapter. Such as wwwin.mycompany.com, jira.mycompany.com etc. Can this be accomplished with 'ip route add'? – mo. May 29 at 14:22
  • Routing works on the basis of numerical IPs or IP prefixes (IP ranges of a certain shape), not domain names. So the answer depends on how the IP addresses are assigned for the various *.mycompany.com domain names, and in particular how static this assignment is. – dirkt May 29 at 17:05

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