In RHEL 8, systemctl list-unit-files|grep resolved reports that systemd-resolved is both present and running by default. However, systemd-resolve --statistics shows no name:ip mappings are being cached locally: caching statistics remain "0" even when I force resolution doing something with ping www.redhat.com or systemd-resolve www.redhat.com

Why is resolved not caching previously resolved name:ip mappings locally?!?!?

Caching tests annotated screenshot PRE changes


The fix is simple: you need to reference resolved as a source of DNS resolution in /etc/nsswitch.

Add "resolve" to the hosts directive, making it first in the list. So the hosts entry in /etc/nsswitch should look as below:

hosts:      resolve files dns myhostname

Let's see what happens after we make the change to /etc/nsswitch:

Caching tests annotated screenshot POST Changes

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