Why is this bash script read line code giving me errors?

read -p "Does this require cropping? (y/n)? " answer
case ${answer:0:1} in
    y|Y )
mkdir cropped; for i in *.mp4; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -filter:v "crop=1900:1080:-20:0" cropped/"${i%.*}.mp4"; rm -r *.mp4; cd cropped; cp -r *.mp4 ../
    * )
mkdir no

When I give an answer, I get this back from terminal:

Does this require cropping? (y/n)? n
/usr/local/bin/prep: line 17: syntax error near unexpected token `;;'
/usr/local/bin/prep: line 17: `    ;;'

However, it works perfectly fine if my executed (YES) answer code is changed something like, rather than the whole mkdir cropped; for i in *.mp4...:

mkdir yes

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You are missing the done on your for loop, so the no ) and stuff is part of the loop.

  • Ohhhh.. you mean after *.mp4 ../ so it should be *.mp4 ../ done ? – Anonymous May 26 at 4:15
  • seems to be missing ; done ... got it, thanks! – Anonymous May 26 at 4:19

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