I've installed Manjaro in a guest VM on an Ubuntu 18.10 host, but I cannot make the guest additions work in my Manjaro guest.

I've installed kernel 5.1.1-2 in Manjaro, and the output of uname -r is:


Then, I tried installing virtualbox-guest-utils, and when I do that it gives me the option to choose which provider I want to use:

enter image description here

And here, I enter 8 to use linux51-virtualbox-guest-modules, but when I reboot my machine, nothing changes (I expect the display size to be adjusted to the window size etc., but nothing!)

Is it possible I'm missing something on my Ubuntu host? I have a Windows 10 VM and guest additions work fine in that.

  • Are you following this tutorial? - wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=VirtualBox – slm May 26 '19 at 19:10
  • Thank you @slm for your reply. As it turns out, I had to change the display option from VMSVGA to VBoxVGA. I would answer the question here myself, but I don't think I'm able to do it :( – Farzad May 27 '19 at 2:33
  • You can answer your own Q's, that is allowed. – slm May 27 '19 at 2:55
  • 1
    Sorry, I don't know why I missed that :O – Farzad May 27 '19 at 3:17

After posting the same question in Manjaro forums, it turned out that I needed to change the display of the VM from VMSVGA to VBoxVGA. It's worth noting that it didn't work on my existing machine, and I had to create a new VM with this setting.

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