when searching filename or dirname case-insensetively, we can use option -iname.

but if I want to ignore case in -path option, what should I do?

can I do it with only find command, without using grep?

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    May be a silly question - but did you check whether your system's find provides a -ipath test? – steeldriver May 25 at 2:13
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    even if it doesn't support, you can do find -path './[Pp][Aa][Tt][Hh]' – αғsнιη May 25 at 4:16
  • @steeldriver actually it has this -ipath option. I am using BSD find on mac. thanks for your help! – Teddy C May 25 at 4:39

If you're using GNU find then there's the -ipath option

If locate is available on your system you can also use locate -i

See also

  • BSD find also has -ipath option. thanks! – Teddy C May 25 at 4:41
  • sfind has also an -ipath option. – schily May 27 at 12:06

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