I have found some help regarding locking an FTP user to their home directory, but after following steps, I find I'm still able to run cd .. and exit that directory and browse the file system. I'm using CentOS 7. Here are my steps:

yum install vsftpd ftp -y

systemctl enable vsftp && suystemctl start vsftpd

I modify /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf and set chroot_local_user=YES.

useradd lockeduser

passwd lockeduser

Following prompts, I set the password.

usermod --home /mnt/library/locked-folder lockeduser

Once that has been configured, I ftp in and open a connection to the local IP.

I now land in the locked-folder directory, however I can navigate anywhere I want from there.

I feel I am missing something obvious.

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