My file arrives on a Linux server and contains ^M characters when seen in VI and the file format = unix, (ff=unix)

I want to turn lines 1-4 into line lines 9 - 10. enter image description here

My vi macro solves my problem. /\r/\rxJ

It finds and removes the ^M and then joins the line to previous line.

How can I accomplish this in sed, awk or some Unix utility?


Try any of these:

awk -vORS= '{print sub(/\r$/,"") ? $0" " : $0"\n"}' < infile > outfile

awk 'ORS = sub(/\r$/,"") ? " " : "\n"' < infile > outfile

perl -pe 's/\r\n/ /' < infile > outfile

or in place:

perl -pe 's/\r\n/ /' -i file

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