i'm trying to set a specific resolution for kms, at boot time. by default kms choose the highest resolution available (2500x1600) which is a bit hard to read. i'd like to set 1440x900 instead.

i tried two things via grub, the first one:


but that didn't help, the system act just the same, no matter if it is there or not, it just continue to use 2500x1600.

the other thing i tried instead is setting a kernel parameter like so:


that kind of helped a bit, the resolution changed, it's much better and readable but then, the virtual_size didn't change accordingly, it's still 2500x1600, meaning my tty is much bigger than the screen itself and so i only see the upper_left part of a larger term.

how can i force kms to a specific resolution ? thanks


First check which modes are supported (BIOS Users only): use Grub2 shell, (press ‘c’ on Grub2 menu), then run following commands and pick suitable mode.

set pager=1
insmod vbe

Then set the mode in /etc/default/grub:


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