I am having a problem with configuring wifi on Arch. There are completely no wireless extensions. When I run iwconfig the result is:

lo     no wireless extensions
eno1   no wireless extensions

Anyone with a solution?

  • iwconfig is depreciated. What do you get when you run ip -a? Please post the result in the Question by clicking edit instead of clicking [Add Comment] since comments pile up and scroll off the page. – K7AAY May 23 at 23:10
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    What is your machine and wireless card hardware? As well as the full output from ip -a link and/or iwconfig – bu5hman May 23 at 23:41

First, check if the device has been blocked at start up:

rfkill list

If so, unblock it:

rfkill unblock wifi

Next, try to find out your wifi device:


If you assume the brand of your wifi device, you might go looking for it with grep, e.g.

lspci | grep -i broadcom

If you found out your wifi device, post it here, so we can do the next steps (loading the correct modules, etc.).

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