What commands and variables need to be set up so I can run a GUI app on one the of the ttys without the Window Manager?

Special Note: This question has been edited due to comments for testing and now includes the intended solution.

My distro Elementary WM is started in tty7. I hope to start the blender app in another available tty.

So far I have these steps:

  1. I open a terminal in Elementary OS.

  2. I enter this command:

    su root -c 'Xorg :7 &'

This results in the screen going all black.

  1. I press these keys to bring back the Window Manager:

    Ctrl + Alt + F7

  2. I enter this code into the Terminal:

DISPLAY=:7 blender -p 0 0 1366 768

  1. I test different tty's to find if Blender is in fact running on one of them by pressing:

    Ctrl + Alt + F1

    Ctrl + Alt + F2

Ctrl + Alt + F3 ...

I find that Blender is in fact running on tty2

It is possible my question is not a duplicate here because the question is slightly different and it's solution does not address my issue.

This is specific to my Linux Distro:


NAME="elementary OS"
VERSION="5.0 Juno"
PRETTY_NAME="elementary OS 5.0 Juno"

Why? The app I want to use has keyboard commands that conflict with the Window Manager commands, so I need to run the app without the Window Manager so that I can follow tutorials that use the standard settings vs. changing the keyboard shortcut settings and creating habits with non-standard keyboard shortcuts. (I tend to trust the app developers decisions on keyboard shortcuts and only customize after I've used the software for some time).

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