I have an OpenWRT Router with embedded switch.

I have a KVM machine with macvtap network access.

I need guest to host communication.

By connecting the host to my Cisco switch hairpin traffic is allowed. How do I achieve this behavior on the OpenWRT device's switch?

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    on a linux bridge that's hairpin_mode (look in VEPA). Now if the switch_dev associated to the bridge supports this feature (or it's implemented on the software side), maybe setting this on the bridge would activate it on the switch. I couldn't find reference for this in switch_dev's doc but you can still try it (either writing to /sys or using bridge link set ... hairpin on) – A.B May 22 at 20:11
  • also it's not very clear what feature is in use, considering the standard openwrt tool is swconfig. its doc refers to The rise of Linux-based networking hardware, and tells that swconfig isn't using "DSA" (then considered inferior, but now probably the reverse: better). So my previous comment won't work with swconfig. I still provided some useful links in comments. – A.B May 22 at 20:37
  • @A.B the brctl executable doesn't have hairpin as a command on the OpenWRT build I use. – zille May 23 at 9:03
  • I was talking about the bridge command, not brctl (new features might be available only with ip link and bridge, rather than ifconfig and brctl). Anyway, I doubt this can work as explained before – A.B May 24 at 7:06

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