I tried to install rpm file in RHEL-7.4 Linux using:

# rpm -i xxx.rpm
/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.5WIuFR: line 9: /etc/init.d/xxx-driver: Permission denied

What is this error and how to resolve it?

  • Welcome to the site! Congratulations on your first question! Do take a quick look at the formatting I applied, and the extra wording I removed. (People can click on your profile to see your list of questions & answers). Do also take our excellent tour to become more familiar with the site. – Jeff Schaller May 22 at 13:38
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    Your question might be the same as unix.stackexchange.com/questions/125706/… -- RPM's will need to be installed as root. Were you the root user when you ran the rpm command? – Jeff Schaller May 22 at 13:39
  • Please post the complete error message. It seems possible that you've posted a partial error message. Thank you. – Faheem Mitha May 22 at 13:49
  • My doubt is why rpm-tmp.5WluFR file not created. I executed this comment by root user only. – vignesh b.e May 25 at 4:22
  • please add the content of /etc/init.d/xxx-driver, with more logs. – asktyagi May 28 at 3:01

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