The command

find . -type l -not -xtype l -printf "%p -> %l\n"

prints all nonbroken symlinks under the directory .. I want to colorize this output so that the %p part is blue. I've tried

find . -type l -not -xtype l -printf '\e[1;34m%-6s\e[m' "%p -> %l\n"

but this results in the error find: warning: unrecognized escape \e. Any ideas how to fix this?

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It is not quite correct, the color code sequence and the %p needs to be in the same argument to -printf and not in separate ones.

The -printf flag of find is different from the usual built-in from bash. The find version takes arguments of form -printf format while the built-in takes printf <FORMAT> <ARGUMENTS...>, which means the former doesn't accept format-specifiers followed by arguments but just a single string with options defined. The -printf option of find provides various sequences to describe the file attributes. The %s inside the find -printf conveys a different meaning than the format specification definition by the built-in.

Also I guess the printf from the find (GNU findutils) command only supports ANSI color codes and does not accept the \e escape sequences (unlike the built-in printf of the GNU shell, on the standalone GNU printf utility) but its octal equivalent only (here 033 assuming an ASCII-based system):

find . -type l -not -xtype l -printf '\033[1;34m%p\033[m -> %l\n'

You can add the ANSI color code of your choice to the above.

Or you can use the $'...' quoting operator found in a few shells including the GNU shell, which does recognise \e:

find . -type l -not -xtype l -printf $'\e[1;34m%p\e[m -> %l\n'

Above the \e and \n are expanded to the ESC and NL characters before being passed to find.

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