I'm using the fedora deployment Virtual Machine and I would like move some of my Windows hotkeys to Linux. It seems like the native way to do this is by going to settings -> Keyboard then add Keyboard Shortcuts. I'm having trouble with doing this because every shortcut requires a Linux command which is executed upon pressing your keyboard shortcut combination.

In Windows with AutoHotKey I can say: "by Alt+d I really mean Enter" but in Linux it doesn't seem like I can map keys like that natively. I know there's AutoKey for Linux but I'm not allowed to use it at the moment. I can't find the Linux "enter" command. I've tried "enter", "Enter", "Return", and none of them work. I've been looking all over the internet with zero success.

The hotkeys I've been trying to port over to Linux but can't due to the unknown command issue are:

Alt+d = Enter
Alt+4 = Alt+F4
Alt+` = Esc

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