I am trying to use KVM on RHEL 7 VM but after I try to create a new VM it goes well until I click Finish button, at that moment the window stuck and does not respond anymore, so I can't create a VM!

That's what I used: - VMware Fusion Professional Version 11.0.0 (10120384) - RHEL 7 + KVM - Mac book pro with Mojave - I enabled the VTx feature on VMware Fusion.

Here you can see a screenshot of the problem:

enter image description here


You are using a VMware Fusion Pro version with almost a year.

I would use 11.1.0 for Mojave instead, that was out last week, and brings at least, besides bug fixes:

  • compatibility for RHEL 8.0;
  • fix for virtual disk image conversion bugs;
  • new versions of vmware tools.

I would consider using RHEL 8.0 instead, if in an home/lab setting.

  • Are there anything else I have to do in terms of configurations? – alsadk May 21 at 20:09
  • I updated fusion to ver 11.1 but with no luck, and I need to use RHEL 7. Any other suggestions? – alsadk May 21 at 22:01

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