I have a long file with three columns. I want to add a column (as the first column) with '5' for the first 200 lines and then '6' for the next 200 lines and so on...

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awk 'BEGIN { c1 = 5 } { print c1, $0 } FNR%200 == 0 { ++c1 }' file

This would initiate a variable, c1, to 5 at the start of the awk program. All input lines are then printed prepended by the current value of this variable.

For any line whose line number (FNR) is a multiple of 200, this variable would be incremented by 1 after printing the line.

The increments to c1 would happen after printing line 200, 400, etc.

By default, the separator between the number and the original data will be a space character. Change it to a tab (or whatever you want) by setting OFS in the BEGIN block (or use -v OFS='\t' on the command line of awk):

awk 'BEGIN { OFS = "\t"; c1 = 5 } { print c1, $0 } FNR%200 == 0 { ++c1 }' file

Redirect the output to a new filename to save it.

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