When I run the command nc -l -p 443 it starts listening but when I try connecting to it it fails. A few hours later I tried with verbose mode nc -lvp 443 and it printed out listening on [any] 2443. Then I figured out that it's not listening on the correct port. Any ideas why it's listening on port 2443 instead of port 443?

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    You are not doing this as root, I guess? – Panki May 21 at 9:53
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    What implementation of nc are you using and what Unix are you running? – Kusalananda May 21 at 10:15

With default setup, only root can bind to ports lower than 1024.

panki@REDACTED:~$ nc -lvp 443                                                                                         
Can't grab with bind : Permission denied                                                                    
panki@REDACTED:~$ sudo !!                                                                                             
sudo nc -lvp 443                                                                                                        
listening on [any] 443 ...

More about this is already said here: Why are the first 1024 ports restricted to the root user only?

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