Since my main data is not in $HOME, I have made a small (executable) script to start the GUI file manager (caja) in the desired directory and put it in my local executable directory (~/.local/bin):

/usr/bin/caja /datadir

To supersede the standard command caja, the script has the same name and the path to my local executables is listed first in my ~/.profile:

if [ -d "$HOME/.local/bin" ] ; then

Works fine so far, BUT whenever I log in the file manager is opened by default. No session saving is activated, no other executable from that directory is executed (tried a few echo-scripts and even other GUI commands).

How can I suppress this behaviour?

Using MATE as DE on Debian 10 (testing)


caja is not only a file manager, but also manages a few desktop settings, e.g. desktop symbols (link). Thus it will be executed when starting a MATE session. This seems unavoidable for a proper MATE session startup.

Same goes for natuilus in gnome.

A quick-and-dirty solution would be to name your script something else, have a script create a symlink (named caja and pointing to your Caja launch script) at login but after the desktop is up and running, and delete the symlink in ~/.bash_logout (assuming your shell is bash).

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