I am running Fedora 28 on a ThinkPad T460s. On the first log in, directly after booting, the screen becomes grey with the mouse pointer visible, but I cant move it. It stays like that for a few minutes (seems to be getting longer on average) Previously this happened rarely, but now it reliably happens every time.

Subsequent logins don't take more than a few seconds.

When I wait for 5 minutes between booting and login, the first login doesn't take very long. Less than 2 seconds, I'd estimate.

How can I resolve this problem, where do I start with troubleshooting?

  • Please edit your question to add more details. What means "pointer visible but unresponsive to input"? Does the pointer move when you move the mouse? You wrote that the problem occurs on the first login after a reboot. What do yo do to get to a (second) login without the problem occurring again? Does the problem also occur if you wait a longer time after a reboot before trying to log in? – Bodo May 21 at 8:50

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