I have a directory where a lot of bash scripts or .sh files exist. I want to change their permissions to 770 (rwxrwx---) with the chmod command.

How can I accomplish that?

sudo chmod 770 /path/to/your/folder/*.sh

This will set the file permissions to 770 for all .sh files in the directory /path/to/your/folder/

  • No need for -R in this case, would only lead to unintended changes if a directory with other files was named something.sh. – Tamas H. May 21 at 7:59
  • 1
    @TamasH. Thanks, you're right. Got carried away a little by the other answer. – Panki May 21 at 8:00

Best way is using find command with the -exec option where you can use chmod.
$ find /my/bashfiles/ -type d -name *.c -exec chmod 770 {} \;
enter link description hereread below: https://www.poftut.com/set-permission-folders-subfolders-linux/

  • This command will find directories which end with .c, which is not at all what the OP asked. – Panki May 23 at 7:46

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