I recently installed Debian 9 on my HP-15bsxx laptop (after installing ElementaryOS 5.0 and NOT having this problem), and I have this issue where the fans are always on (not at full speed), even though:

  • The CPU is not usually working on any intensive task. I'm running firefox, htop and evince on the screenshot, on a i3+polybar setup. enter image description here
  • The CPU's temp are usually between 30-45C. enter image description here
  • The laptop is clean inside.
  • I've run fwts and loaded the coretemp module (its the only recommended module).
  • I have TLP installed and running.
  • I have all the intel-microcode, firmware-misc-* and firmware-linux-* packages installed (free and non free)

These are the laptop specs, the kernel is 4.19.0-0.bpo.4-amd64 (its not a 4.19 problem as I had this issues with older kernels too), this is the result of lspci and these are the results of dmesg in case you need it.

I know that this is a common issue, and Google has a lot of answers, but I've try them all and none worked for me.

  • Please click edit and list what you have tried, so we know not to suggest them. 'Everything' is rather vague. Please do not click [Add Comment] to reply instead of edit because older comments get pushed off the page when new comments arrive. – K7AAY May 21 '19 at 20:30

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