So I have a list of downloadable links with a specific order, but the filenames are jumbled up


So I want to automatically prefix them as I download them, based on the order of the list of links, so they'd look like this:


Is there any way to achieve this in Bash?

  • What are you stuck on? wget downloads a file. Remember to prefix the link with http:// or https://. Once downloaded you can rename the file with mv. – Philip Couling May 20 at 6:33

Here is a piece of script




while read link; do
  filename="$(printf "%03d" $prefix)_${link##*/}"
  echo "wget $link -O $filename"
done < <(cat /tmp/list)

obviously remove the the echo on the wget command to execute it for real


$ bash script.sh
wget example.com/ddk.zip -O 001_ddk.zip
wget example.com/453.zip -O 002_453.zip
wget example.com/hth.zip -O 003_hth.zip
wget example.com/ddhth.zip -O 004_ddhth.zip
wget example.com/hggth.zip -O 005_hggth.zip
wget example.com/jhkhth.zip -O 006_jhkhth.zip

And yep, you'll need to edit your link list and add http:// or https:// before

  • What if your links are already in "http://example.com/file.zip" format? With an arbitrary number of slashes, how would you trim it down to just the filename? – doko May 20 at 10:12
  • my bad, I edited my script to keep only the text after the last slash (## instead of #) – darxmurf May 20 at 10:25

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