Using HP probook 6470b I was using linux in dual boot and Bios is in legacy mod. Now i delete partition where linux installed and and then when i restart my laptop my laptop stuck at HP logo and then i open boot menu and select boot from hard drive and then grub rescue comes up( night mare ) i tried many method available on internet watch videos on youtube but most of solution was these commands in grub mode

ls Set boot=(hd0,msdos5) Set prefix=(hd0,msdos5)/boot/grub After i type Insmod normal

This gives me error Unknown file system And exit command also not working

Then i decided to install new window and create a bootable usb flash and then i select usb in boot menu grub comss here to....

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  • Boot with Windows bootable media and run bcdboot C:\Windows. – Biswapriyo May 18 at 15:25
  • How i can run that in bootable media ? – Umair May 18 at 18:47
  • Create a USB stick Windows installation drive from a running windows computer. – Kiwy May 20 at 11:53
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This is a very common mistake. The reason you've hit this is that grub relies on having some configuration files stored on a file system that it can access. When grub is installed in legacy mode (to the MBR) that instillation includes a reference to the partition containing the config files.

It's most common that these grub configuration files are stored on your Linux partition and NOT a partition reserved only for grub's use. When you trashed your Linux partition you also wiped out grub's configuration.

To get back to a working system you have two options:

1) Reinstall the Windows boot-loader

This will remove grub altogether.

@Biswapriyo as suggested that you boot with Windows bootable media and run:

bcdboot C:\Windows. – Biswapriyo

As unix.stackexchange.com is not a Windows QA site, I'd forward further questions on how to do this to superuser.com

2) Fix grub

If you want to keep grub then you could re-install Linux OR you could use a Linux live CD to manually fix the problem. Installing Linux seems the larger option, but it does everything for you.

When you do, make sure that you create a small partition mounted to /boot/grub. You can use the command update-grub to populate /boot/grub and grub-install will re-configure grub to use your new partition.

After that you can destroy your Linux partition (if you re-installed linux) as long as you don't remove your grub config partition.

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