i want to install kali linux in doul boot on my dell pc. the problem is that i already had 4 partition pre installed, and i need to create a new one for kali, i dont know if i can delete one of the pre installed partitions. the partitions is

1 c: os 222 gb(ntfs) 2 winretools 990 mb(oem) 3 image 12 gb(ntfs) 4 dellsuppot with 1.11 gb (oem)

what can i do to solve the problem?

  • Welcome to the the Unix and Linux stack exchange! Please review the Help Center to get information on how to best post to the site. Take the Tour if you are not familiar with how this site works. To get to your question, Why do you need to dual boot Kali? Why is running it as a live boot insufficient? Can you install it as a VM? What are those partitions and how are they important? Please edit your post to include these details. Thank you! – kemotep May 17 at 19:06

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