I try to do this:

$ mail -s "Hello world" foo@example.com
This is a test from my server

…and get this:

/usr/sbin/ssmtp: No such file or directory
$ "/home/user//dead.letter" 9/248
. . . message not sent.

Which makes sense, because I uninstalled SSMTP in favor of Postfix. How do I change it so mail uses the right MTA?


Oh man, that’ll teach me to RTFM—I had everything set up correctly; all I had to do was start the postfix daemon. (After that, a backlog of undelivered e-mail from a month ago arrived in my inbox!) I guess I forgot to add it to my rc.conf after I installed it, so it didn’t start back up again after one of my infrequent reboots.

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