I'd like to do backup over ssh on a server in DMZ, the backup would be executed by a backup server which can ssh to DMZ. I was thinking to use reverse ssh port forwarding with dynamic port, ie. ssh -R 0: but I can't figure out how to get dynamicaly allocated port on remote which is printed in standard output of the client (backup server) session.

An example:

backupsrv$ ssh -A -M -f -N -T -R 0: -O forward dmzmachine
Allocated port 20545 for remote forward to
backupsrv$ ssh dmzmachine "tar -cvzf - /path | ssh -p 20545 'tar -xzpf - -C /dest'"
backupsrv$ ssh -O exit dmzmachine

The problem is how to "catch" the allocated port number, I can't figure out.

I found out there's another approach but it did not work for me either. It uses fifos and 'ProxyCommand=-' hack. See http://lists.mindrot.org/pipermail/openssh-unix-dev/2013-May/031353.html or here https://www.nico.schottelius.org/blog/openssh-6.2-add-callback-functionality-using-dynamic-remote-port-forwarding/.

I suppose it should work like this but first ssh command does not even initiate ssh connection to the server in DMZ.

backupsrv$ mkfifo fromssh tossh
backupsrv$ ssh <fromssh >tossh -T -y dmzserver "ssh -y -N -T -MS/tmp/ctl
-oProxyCommand=- backupsrv" &
backupsrv$ /usr/sbin/sshd -i -f < $fromssh > $tossh
backupsrv$ ssh dmzserver "tar -cvzf - /path | ssh -S /tmp/ctl backupsrv 'tar -xzpf - -C /dest'"

I don't want to use static ports.

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