I'm thinking of developing an application to watch changes for auto starting applications and service that would notify when:

  • A service state change (enabled/disabled/added/removed)
  • An application is added/removed to boot
  • Eventually revert the change

Auto start location to be watched:

  • Systemd services
  • Systemd timers
  • Cron...
  • ~/.kde/Autostart
  • /etc/init.d/
  • /etc/xdg/autostart/
  • ~/.xinitrc
  • etc.

Note that I am looking for a gui application eventually something that reside on the system tray or may be a script that pop-up a message/window.

  1. There are some tools and command like incron, diff <(cat old) <(cat new), notify-send, zenity and gxmessage to make it easy to write a bash script that could take care of all that but is there an application that already do that?

  2. Is there a similar tool that I can start from to avoid writing everything from scratch or a tool/application that have a different purpose but could be transformed into the needed function? (any programming language)

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Ended up writing it from scratch...

  • Watch for changes on 32 locations
  • Notify when change occur
  • Save change to /home/../.startup-watcher/changes
  • Start hidden on the tray
  • Root not required
  • Watch root and user
  • And much more.


alt text

alt text

alt text


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