I've installed virtualbox with the following command

$ apt install virtualbox

Then I installed Windows 7 in the virtualbox. But I notice that even though there are very high resolution options in the personalization section, none of them are what my native resolution is, which is 1366x768. I can make the virtualbox window with RCtrl-F but that's not what this question is about. I want to have the resolution of the virtualbox the same as my native resolution.

There must be a more appropriate way to use the virtualbox. Many of the people use virtualbox to test cross-platform applications and I would think they have a workable virtualbox setup.

How do I force the Windows 7 installation in a virtualbox to adopt the native resolution?


You need to install virtualbox guest addition in the guest OS. In your case, you have Ubuntu as the main/host OS and Windows as the guest OS, so you need to install the guest additions in the Windows OS.

You can do that with following the prompts and pop-ups after clicking on Devices -> Insert Guest Additions CD Image

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