I open a new terminal with bash as follows.

gnome-terminal -x bash
gnome-terminal -e bash
gnome-terminal -- bash

Somewhere I read that to use a custom BASH RC file, you have to run:

bash --login <custom_rc>

I'm not sure if it works, but the problem is that it doesn't leave the interpreter open like with the previous commands. I have also tried with:

bash -c "source <custom_rc>"

But the same thing happens, after reading the configuration closes.


According to the manual, the --rcfile switch accomplishes the objective in interactive mode.

--rcfile file

Execute commands from file instead of the standard personal initialization file ~/.bashrc if the shell is interactive

It seems we can infer that the environment variable, BASH_ENV, accomplishes the same in non-interactive mode.


If this parameter is set when bash is executing a shell script, its value is interpreted as a filename containing commands to initialize the shell, as in ~/.bashrc. [...]

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