I installed centos 6.3 Final . But after rebooting it stuck and doesn't show GUI

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I guess you need to start X-Windows manually.

  1. Login on command prompt
  2. run startx

Configuring to make it run automatically:

X Window System

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    sorry it didn't work. When i run the startx command it reply -bash: startx command not found – OmiPenguin Oct 15 '12 at 18:55
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    Apparently "X Window System" is not installed on your VirtualBox to save space. You need to install it if you can't do without it. – SparKot Oct 15 '12 at 19:04

I just had the same issue, but in my case it was too little RAM. (On about the 10th install attempt I saw a message flash up very briefly stating this).

It seems that if you have too little RAM or video memory it defaults to a text mode installer and does not install X.

1GB was enough (started with 512MB)


Dear I also did this right after @Spackot reply but in vain.

It gave me some repositories error although I was connected to internet but still it happened.So i simply reinstalled centos.

But this time I checked the video memory settings. And there were only 1MB memory assigned by default so I assigned 70MB and also selected 3rd option while Booting. Which is Install OS which Basic Video drivers and it worked.

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