I want to unmount multiple CIFS shares on my AIX LPAR using for loop. I created a file named cifs.txt containing all CIFS shares. Will my command work?

for i in $(cat cifs.txt); do rmcifsmnt -f $i; done
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    You're calling rmcifsmnt which "Removes a CIFS mount from the /etc/filesystems file and unmounts the entry if it is mounted" but only "want to unmount". Which do you want? – Jeff Schaller May 16 at 1:41

Your existing loop runs the risk of expanding any wildcards in the filenames and removes the corresponding mount(s) from /etc/filesystems. If the mounts are given, one per line, in cifs.txt, then to unmount them:

< cifs.txt xargs -n 1 umount


< cifs.txt xargs -n 1 rmcifsmnt -N -f

Correspondingly, if you want to unmount them and remove them from /etc/filesystems:

< cifs.txt xargs -n 1 rmcifsmnt -f

xargs will do the work of parsing cifs.txt line-by-line and passing each line as an argument to the umount or rmcifsmnt commands (at the end).

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